Pulse Abstract Art 18x36in Oil on Canvas

iordanka art

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"Pulse" is an oil on gallery wrapped cotton duck canvas painting that is inspired by #OrlandoStrong. The painting is meant to bring a sense of healing and peace to viewer(s). It is an expressionism art piece that represents the aftermath of Pulse club shooting it had on families, society, and the Orlando community.

Using primary colors of a rainbow to paint the artwork, it has variety of elements in it. On the right of the painting, red blood cells are portrayed to represent the blood that was spilled on June 12th. In the bottom center of the painting, there is a depiction of a cave, that looks a bit like a tunnel. And to its right, souls that are on a path waiting to go through the cave and transition to the afterlife.

Artist: Iordanka Karaivanova
Title: Pulse
Date of Completion: July 5, 2016
Medium: Oil on canvas

Genre: Expressionism / Fauvism
Size: 18” x 36”


(No reviews yet) Write a Review