Natural Beeswax Heart Shaped Floater Candles 1 3/4” x 1.5” x ¾ (5-pack) | Handcrafted Pure Beeswax Water Floating Candles

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Pure and all-natural heart-shaped floater candles made from 100 percent beeswax. They have natural sweet honey scent and float in water for the ultimate candlelight experience. Floater candles can be floated in a bath, pool, in a glass as a table center piece to create a romantic setting. Each floater measures approximately 1 3/4” inch wide, 1.5” length, and 3/4-inch depth. These beeswax floaters come in a 5-pack (5 floaters).

Average Burn Time: 3-4 hours

Made with:
• 100% Cotton wick 
• Pure, natural, and hand poured
• Made in U.S.A. (Lake Mary, Florida)

Ingredients: 100% beeswax; cotton wick


(No reviews yet) Write a Review