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Deep purple color Advent candles made from natural 100% beeswax honeycomb hand-rolled around cotton wick. The Advent tapers are available as a four-piece set consisting of three deep purple tapers and one pink color taper. Advent tapers are 8-inch high and ¾ inch in diameter with an average burn time of around 7 hours depending on air drift. Candles are UNSCENTED; however, they do have a feeble honey aroma.

The bottom of tapers can easily be molded by hand to fit pretty much any candleholder. To reshape candle, simply take a hair blow dryer, turn the heat on, point heat towards area of candle that needs adjusting for a few seconds, turn off blow dryer and mold taper with hands.

Beeswax candles burn brighter and longer than paraffin or soy candles; they also drip less due to the way the candle is rolled. Candle should be lid where cotton wick meets the beeswax since the wick is not waxed.

Ingredients: 100% beeswax; cotton wick


(No reviews yet) Write a Review